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We develop e-bikes that conquer your heart. With a minimalist, modern design and excellent driving comfort. As a result of which you cycle more often, live more actively and enjoy your freedom. We believe that the e-bike is a great alternative to the car, for commuting and for relaxed rides in your spare time.

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100% hand built in Holland

We have a passion for traditional craftsmanship and quality. That is why our e-bikes are designed and all built by hand in the Netherlands. This ensures high reliability, a long service life and more driving comfort.

More than 25 years of experience

We have been developing bicycles for over 25 years. We started producing recumbent bicycles in 1994 and now we have a complete range of e-bikes. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our engineers and technicians, we guarantee that you will continue to cycle carefree and with great pleasure for years to come.

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Listening to our customer

By listening to the feedback from the Dutch ID riders, we know exactly how our bikes are used and what our customers experience. We apply this knowledge directly in our products, resulting in e-bikes with the very best handling characteristics and a design that makes your heart beat faster.

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