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Content of the website

No rights can be derived from the content of this website. Profile Paul makes every effort to ensure that the information on this site is as complete and accurate as possible, but makes no guarantees for this.

We reserve the right to make interim changes in prices, specifications and versions of the articles mentioned. All stated prices are suggested retail prices in euros, including VAT and excluding any delivery costs and environmental levy costs for e-bike batteries, among others. Offers are not valid in combination with other promotions and products already ordered

Profile Paul reserves the right to make any changes, including the text of this Disclaimer, with immediate effect and without notice.

Disclaimer of Liability

Profile Paul is not liable for damage arising from visiting this site or from the information provided on this site. Profile Paul does not accept any responsibility or liability with regard to the content, use or availability of internet sites referred to.

Profile Paul is not liable for the unavailability of this site due to a malfunction.

Availability (promotion) articles

Profile Paul is a partnership of Dynamo Retail Group bv in Amersfoort. Profile Paul partly determines their own range to meet the needs of consumers in their region. As a result, Profile Paul may not participate in a certain promotion or may not have a certain article in its range. Not all brands are available in stores at Profile Paul. Keep this in mind when viewing the offers.

Due to delivery times, it is possible that (promotional) items are not in stock.


The content of this website is intended for personal, non-commercial use. Nothing on this site may be used by third parties without express prior permission. Any form of republication of (part of) the content of this site without the prior written permission of Profile Paul is expressly prohibited. All rights (including copyrights, domain names, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights) on the content of this website rest with Profile Paul, insofar as these rights do not belong to third parties from whom material has been made available.

Registration obligation for second-hand goods

When purchasing second-hand bicycles, bicycle shops are obliged to check them for theft on the basis of the frame number and to ask customers for valid identification. The bicycle to be exchanged must be registered in the database of, the Digital Opkopers Register. These rules are in place to prevent healing. This way we can be sure of a safe trade-in and prevent the new owner from having problems.

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