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The models from Riese & Müller.

We have reinvented the wheel - over and over again. Because only continuous improvement leads to excellent e-bikes. For athletes, commuters, families, bicycle travelers, professionals and anyone who simply likes to cycle. Because there is not one e-bike for everyone - there is the right e-bike for everyone


HS bikes

Faster than fast to your destination.

We call e-bikes with a support of up to 45 km / h HS-bikes. It also allows you to cover longer distances, for example for commuting, and thus decisively change the mobility of the future.


Cargo bikes

Who needs a car.

Cargo bikes are the taxable alternative to the car. With this you can transport your family or larger loads in an instant and thanks to numerous details also in all weathers. You will never be stuck in traffic and never have to search for a parking space again.

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